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Real estate projects are having a very attractive sales policy

Many real estate projects are warming the market again with unprecedented preferential policies of investors and businesses. Although difficult, since the beginning of July, the market has had positive signals.

Extend the support time for customers to settle down

Phu Dong Sky Garden project (Di An City, Binh Duong) of Phu Dong Group has just launched an unprecedented payment policy. Specifically, customers buy apartments, pay 5% to sign a sale contract, then be supported by the investor 100% interest rate until the house is received; a Fixed interest rate 6% within 2 years after receiving the house. Not to mention, customers are entitled to 2 -year principal grace policy from the first disbursement. The project has now been offered and will be handed over in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Testing with, Ms. Thanh Thao, Business Director of Phu Dong Group, said that the “hot” option that many customers are choosing is to support interest, customers only need to pay 20%. For example, an apartment of 3 billion, customers only need to be 600 million VND, and the rest of the bank will disburse. Until receiving houses, businesses will support 100% interest for customers and have a 2-year grace.

Next, until handing over the house, customers must pay 95% of the value of the apartment, the bank will disburse then the business will continue to support customers with interest rates. From the time of receiving the house, another 2 years, Phu Dong kept the interest rate for customers is 6%/year. “Regardless of how the bank raises interest rates, our business still supports customers with a fixed interest rate of 6%/year. Customers worried that interest rate risks will increase after the time of support, but understanding this, businesses will keep the fixed interest rate for customers to settle, ”Thao said.

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