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Brokers have good income thanks to selling transfer Apartments

“The income will not be mutated, only stability and regularity,” is the share of the broker named Lan in Vinhomes Smart City urban area in Nam Tu Liem (Hanoi). “Stick” from 2017 specializes in apartment product lines. By 2020, Lan shifted to only focusing on the transfer apartment products on the secondary market.

“The project I made dozens of apartment buildings. Therefore, the basic source is very abundant. On average, about half a year, 1-3 new buildings will go to the handover. Buying and selling activities are quite vibrant, ”Lan said.

According to this broker revealed, at the time of good market from April 2022-October 2022, on average, Lan successfully closed 3-4 units. Entering 2023, on average each month, the number of degrees is regularly from 1-2 units. There were months of “smooth sailing”, the number of closed apartments doubled.

However, for each successful transaction, Lan only enjoys more than 10 million in commission compared to the amount that the broker is freely received. “I chose to work on the floor, so the commission will not receive it all because many people participate in a transaction. However, working on the floor, the source of goods will be guaranteed, and all legal troubles such as the landlord do not pay a commission fee or a dispute between the host and the guest will have a support team. The work will also be more convenient due to professional and reputable ways of working, ”Lan said.

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